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Iowa State Fair in Des Moines
Iowa State Fair in Des Moines

Introduction - Iowa Facts

Iowa is a Midwestern state located in a region that is referred to as America's Heartland. Iowa is bordered by six other states; Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Missouri. What unique feature does Iowa have? It is the only state of all fifty U.S. states to have an east and a west border made entirely of rivers. When economic disaster ripped through the rural farmlands of Iowa in the 1980s, poverty levels reached those of the Great Depression. You will find out why this happened in the historical facts section below. Who are some famous people born in Iowa? You'll find that answer in the list of interesting facts below. You will also discover where Iowa ranks in terms of population in the quick facts section. This information is presented in a kid-friendly format, making it easy to follow for all ages.

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