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Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina
The Blue Ridge Mountains

Southeast U.S. Facts

The Southeastern portion of the United States is known for many things besides its stretches of sandy costal beaches with frolicking kids and its mild, humid climate. It is known for its welcoming people and southern hospitality, the place where country music was born, fine cuisine, Latin influence, important shipping ports, swamps, and hurricanes just to name a few. It is home to Disney World, the most visited theme park in the world, as well as the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Steeped in history, the first slaves to come to America were brought here, Native American tribes such as the Cherokee lived off the land, and it was part of events that ultimately shaped the country such as the American Revolution and the American Civil War. Below you will find lists of interesting facts about this region including what states it includes and where some of the points of interest are. On this page you will also find links to interesting information and facts about each state in the Southeast geographical region.

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