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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Introduction - California Facts

Bordering the states of Oregon, Arizona and Nevada in the western region of the United States is the geographically diverse coastal state of California. What makes this state so unique is the fact that there are mountains, miles of coastline, valleys, desert areas and even volcanoes all within the same state. When a man named James W. Marshall found gold near Coloma, California where he was building a lumber mill in January of 1848, one of the most significant historical events in California's history began, called the California Gold Rush. The reason why California's population is so large today is in part because of those who flocked to the area, many leaving women and children behind, in search of gold. More interesting information on California, including a list of quick facts, can be found below. This information, which includes when California became a state and what the state capital is, is written for both kids and adults.

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