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Mount McKinley in Alaska
Mount McKinley in Alaska

Introduction - Alaska Facts

Alaska is a rather isolated U.S. state, jutting out of the extreme northwest portion of North America and bordering no other U.S. states. That is why it is called a non-contiguous state. Because it is a place where population is low and the amount of unchartered territory is high, it has earned the nickname, "The Last Frontier". The incredible scenic beauty and diverse wildlife are what draws tourists from across the globe. Visitors who come when summer is at its peak are treated to 18 to 21 hours of daylight to enjoy all the beauty Alaska has to offer. To discover more facts and information about Alaska, read the interesting and historical facts below, listed in a kid-friendly format. For a list of general facts about Alaska; such as how large it is, what the population is and when it became a U.S. state go to the "State of Alaska Quick Facts" section at US Non-Contiguous State Facts.

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