Hawaii Facts

King Kamehameha Statue Honolulu Hawaii
King Kamehameha Statue on Honolulu

Introduction - Hawaii

Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is one of two non-contiguous states in the United States of America, the other being Alaska. Known for its tropical climate, it is made up of a group of volcanic islands which lie in isolation 2,390 miles (3,846 kilometers) off the coast of California. Some of the must see sights when visiting Hawaii include Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Honolulu (the state capital), and the world famous beaches. There are many interesting, fun, and historical facts about Hawaii in the lists below. This information is written for both kids and adults. For quick general facts about this state, such as what the population is, where the capital is, and how big it is go to the "State of Hawaii Quick Facts" section at US Non-Contiguous State Facts.

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Hawaii Interesting Facts

Hawaii Historical Facts