West Region US State Facts

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs CO
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Introduction - U.S. Western Region

The western region of the United States is a huge area where a wide range of landforms, climates, and people can be found. What you will find in the U.S. States that comprise this vast region are some of the most beautiful beaches in the US, temperate rainforests stretching from California up along the coast to Washington, huge mountains like Pikes Peak in Colorado, and natural wonders like the stone arches in Utah's Arches National Park. Below you will find a list of interesting facts about the western region of the US. There are also links to the states that make up this region all with a list of facts about that state. Whether you are kid working on a school project or an adult interested in learning more about the West read on for more interesting facts.

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On this site we will not count Alaska and Hawaii as part of the U.S. West Region but will rather include them in the non-Contiguous states section.

List of States in the U.S. Western Region

Interesting Facts about the States in the West Region